Ioannis E. Kotoulas (Ph.D. in History; Ph.D. in Geopolitics) is Adjunct Lecturer in Geopolitics at University of Athens, Visiting Lecturer in Greek Studies at Tbilisi State University, and has been Invited Lecturer in Geopolitics at National Intelligence University (Washington D.C.) and Visiting Researcher at the Global and European Studies Institute of the University of Leipzig. He is Academic Advisor of Foreign Affairs Institute and Foreign Affairs The Hellenic Edition magazine, Peer Reviewer for Journal of Military Studies and contributor to Al-Ahram (Cairo) and Investigative Project on Terrorism (Washington D.C.) on Geopolitics and International Security. His research interests include History and Theory of Geopolitics, International Security, and History of Modern Hellenism. His books are History of Greek Geopolitics, 1830-present (Brill, forthcoming), Introduction to Systemic Geopolitics (Leimon 2021), History of Greek Geopolitical Thought (Leimon 2021), History and Geopolitics of Modern Greece (Leimon 2019), Architecture and Ideology (Leimon 2019), Immigration and Dominant National Culture (Papazissis 2011).

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