The purpose of the Foreign Affairs Institute is non-profit, for public benefit, and it consists of promoting foreign policy issues in Greece, the wider region of Eurasia and the entire international community. More specifically, indicatively and not restrictively:

  • The cooperation of those in Greece and abroad who are involved with the theoretical elaboration, development and promotion of issues related to foreign policy, the theoretical and practical training of persons in the implementation of scientific actions, practices and conclusions related to foreign policy, as well as the realization of actions of foreign policy optimization and the following practices regarding the implementation of foreign policy-related scientific conclusions.
  • The communication and cooperation with other similar associations, institutes and organizations dealing with foreign policy issues, as well as the participation of the Foreign Affairs Institute in international associations with the same or similar purposes.
  • The study and highlighting of international relations challenges as well as the formulation of modern and constructive proposals to address emerging challenges in issues related to foreign policy.
  • The contact, cooperation, and intervention with various bodies, public or private, both in Greece and abroad, for the promotion of the previous actions.
  • The creation of a digital archive, library, etc. on the issues covered by the Foreign Affairs Institute.
  • The member’s participation in all forms of action to achieve the objectives of the Foreign Affairs Institute.